I Am a Sucky Blogger

I’ll admit it. I suck at this whole blogging thing. Sure, I start off fine. I’ll write some wonderfully witty posts for a period of about a week…and then I quickly turn radio silent. Life gets in my way, and I find I’m too tired to sit down and compose a clever bit about how stories are told through a variety of mediums.

So what am I to do to for my faithful 3 followers, including my mother? The first step is to admit I suck. Admitting the suckiness will clear the slate for a brand new beginning.

Stay tuned, people. The suck is no longer.


About Lottie Green

I'm a writer, content strategist, and all around creative guru. After earning my MFA in writing at Carnegie Mellon University, I embarked on a quest of making a living with words. It's been a fun, exciting, bumpy ride, and I haven't stopped yet.
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