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Britney On Glee – Oops They Did A Sloppy Show

It’s Britney B*tch! But…hum…do we care? Last night Gleeks around the country sat by their TV’s to watch the long-awaited Britney Spears episode on Glee, hoping not to be disappointed. Unfortunately, the episode is not only enormously disappointing but it’s…well…sloppy…really … Continue reading

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Too Fat For Fifteen – An Unfortunate Lesson

The Style Network has carved a niche in presenting provocative shows about self-esteem and being overweight.  The serial show Ruby is the most popular, dealing with the life of a 500+ pound woman trying to lose weight. Watching Ruby Gettinger … Continue reading

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Wallstreet Money Never Sleeps – Let It Sleep And See Solitary Man Instead

Growing up with the motto of Gordon Gekko “greed is good,” it is a big disappointment that the sequel to Wallstreet – Wallstreet:  Money Never Sleeps is a murky mess. The plot diverges on several points and never comes together. … Continue reading

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Jerry Saltz Is His Own Work Of Art

I’m a big fan of New York Magazine and yes, I admit it makes me feel just a little more a part of the “in crowd” to read it.  Jerry Saltz, the lead judge for the Bravo TV show WORK … Continue reading

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The Town – Go See Gone Baby Gone

I have to admit that I usually don’t go for a cops and robbers type of flick. But I do make exceptions – Ransom, Inside Man, and Gone Baby Gone. Speaking of Ben Affleck, (like my segue?) The Town is … Continue reading

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Andy Cohen – The Voice of Reason on Bravo TV

Bravo TV is known for its famous franchises of reality shows, but who knew Andy Cohen, Vice-President of Original Programming and Development would be such a breakout star?  His Watch What Happens Live shows are just plain hysterical and as … Continue reading

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A Little Night Music – A Stage Revival Revived

When I grow up I want to be Bernadette Peters. Really. I’ve wanted to be her since 1984 and I saw “Sunday in the Park With George” (also starring one of the loves of my life, Mandy Patinkin). Wait. I … Continue reading

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