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A Single Man – Available on DVD

Tom Ford’s debut film A Single Man (not to be confused with the Coen brothers’ A Serious Man released around the same time) is truly a stunning piece of work and totally worth a second viewing on DVD.  The art … Continue reading

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – On Board the Millenium Train

Funny things happen when the electricity goes out. A quiet takes over. Things that make a natural noise are louder. There’s no TV. No lights. The air seems so still that at first it’s a shock to figure out something … Continue reading

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The Kids are All Right – A Must See

I heard all the good buzz about The Kids are All Right from Sundance to Berlin, and all I can say is…believe it. Finally a character-driven movie that incorporates a story so honest and authentic in its telling that it … Continue reading

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Work of Art – Who Says?

WORK OF ART – THE NEXT GREAT ARTIST is yet another reality competition show on Bravo. The apparent brainchild of Sara Jessica Parker (her LOVE of art evidentially is so strong she wanted make a show about it )WORK OF … Continue reading

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Inception – Too Much Show, Not Enough Story

I reluctantly did see Inception. My reluctance has nothing to do with Chris Nolan. I really like Memento and Insomnia. But my reluctance centers around the film’s star – Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t care for the actor. Not even in … Continue reading

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DC Cupcakes are Half-Baked

Since this show is filmed near where I live, and because the bakery’s coconut cupcakes are so heavenly, that not a week goes by that I don’t crave one, I really wanted to like the show DC CUPCAKES on TLC. … Continue reading

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True Blood – Supernatural Characters for Grownups

It seems if the Twilight vamps and werewolves are for the tweens, than the supernatural characters of TRUE BLOOD are definitely for adults. As a fan of Charlaine Harris’s books, I was interested in seeing her well-built world transition to … Continue reading

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